The piece that I want is sold out, will you be making more?

Because I can only make so many pieces at one time and traveling full time brings a whole slew of additional obstacles- I have started doing "shop updates." 

This just means that I will make as many pieces that I can and release them all at once. I set a time and date when everything will be available & it's first come, first serve from there! 

So if there is a piece you are in love with, but it's no longer available, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll let you know if there will be anything similar available in the next update. 

I swear my little paws are working as fast as they can without compromising quality, but you might have to be fast to get the piece you've been eyeing. 

Can I request custom product? 

Because I travel and create on the road, I do not offer custom pieces. If there is something you would like to see me create, then drop me a message and it may end up in the next small batch release. 


Shipping to both US & Canada. 

Orders will be sent within 3 business days after you've ordered. All pieces are sent via USPS with included tracking number. 

There is also an option to add "package protection" to require a signature upon receiving your new piece.