Sold Out?

Living full time in my camper means that I never know what the next adventure will bring. Sometimes I’ll be posted up in a cool town, hear about a waterfall & decide to go spend a few days there (usually out of service). Sometimes it gets a little colder than expected, so I’ll head south. This carefree lifestyle is a large part of why I decided to hit the road full time. ⁣

HOWEVER- it’s not always great for business.... Occasionally I’ll pop outta the woods & back into service & have a new order that has a deadline, or many emails to tackle. I realized I had to change up my business model to stay true to my original mission. Adventure first. ⁣

So, here comes the new model of shop updates! ⁣

From here on out I will be setting an exact date & time where I will release a body of work. (Ex: 10/16 @ 10am)

I will preview every single piece in my Instagram stories and posts so you can be ready & set an alarm if there’s a piece that calls to you. You can stay in the loop on this date by following my instagram page or signing up for my newsletter.

On top of that you can expect it to ship in 3 business days max. ⁣